Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Here is a new film I shot with Art director Glenn Johnson and Model Alijah Harrison / Soul Model management.

I wanted to tell a universal story in a special way.  I was walking out of my studio with Art Director Glenn Johnson and we found the mannequin on the sidewalk. Someone had just left her there. She was too clean and perfect. We thought it was absurd and funny, we smiled at each other as if she was looking at us. She was not the typical mannequin, we were inspired by her androgynous beauty.
Then, we met Alijah and he was a perfect complement since they both look alike. In a world where everyone seems to be in love with themselves, to me, their similarity was a subtle element that added a layer to the concept of Love.
Muse is the story of creating something beautiful out of sadness, which is a romantic way of telling the story of how we found her”


Once upon a time there was a poet
but he had lost his words
his inspiration had abandoned him
Then she arrived…
The poet never saw such  beauty
He never felt this way
It was love at first sight
He thought it was forever
But something was wrong…
She could not love him back,
For she was heartless
He said
I love you
She said nothing
it broke his heart
She stayed silent
Back at this desk, he could not forget her
His broken heart made him write…and write, and write
And then, he realized he had created
“The Saddest Poem ever written”
Then she left—

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