Thursday, January 26, 2012

David Axell film stills

I shot a new film with David Axell and Alison Chase in New York, Here are some screen stills of David. We have worked together for few years, still it is always great.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My new music video IGGY AZALEA "The last song"

Here is a music video I directed with the gorgeous australian rapper Iggy Azalea. It was a fun concept and shoot, 450,000 views in 3 days , she is becoming the new darling in music and fashion and I see a big future for this amazing new artist.

Director Bell Soto
Aritst Iggy Azalea
Stylist Alejandra Hernandez
Director of photography Mauricio Torres
Make up Barbara Lamelza @ Intro Artists
Hair Benjamin Mohapi @ Opus Beauty
Produced by Johnny Pascucci @ No-Name Productions
Exective Producer : Simon Schwarz @ No-Name Productions

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Iggy Azalea in V mag!

Here are some images I shot with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea for
We also shot a music video will post soon.

Artist Iggy Azalea
Photography Bell Soto
Stylist Alejandra Hernandez
Make up Barbara Lamelza @ Intro Artists
Hair Benjamin Mohapi @ Opus Beauty
Photo assistant Mauricio Torres, Liza Boone
Produced by Johnny Pascucci at No-Name Productions

Thursday, January 5, 2012


"It is a wonderful experience to work with a team that understands your vision, and this film is very special to me.
I was inspired by the early physique photography and the Italian cinema in black and white. I wanted to create many layers with the ambiguity of the characters, the dance scenes, the subtle gestures of the actors,
The music is a very important element in my work. For this film, I mixed barroque music from XVIII century in contraposition with a modern mix of a 60s song, both songs talk about the same theme : The Lost love ".

Film by Bell Soto
Starring : Kim Willecke, Laura Forman, Zack Zublena
Editors : Bell Soto + Simon Schwarz
Stylist : Alejandra Hernandez
Music by Leonardo Glovibes
Un Anno D'Amore ( Alberto Testa, Mina )
Remixed by :
Simone Vitullo , Sebastian Mauro , Leonardo Glovibes
performed by Lady Vale

Music : George Fredrick Handel : "E Vivo ancora?....Scherza, Infida" Arionte.
Make up : Pavy Olivarez
Hair : Riad Azar
Casting Director : Robert Cunard
Consulting : Riad Azar
Special thanks to Moritz at KULT
Produced by No-Name Producctions

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Private Affair Film stills

Here is the poster and some stills from my new film PRIVATE AFFAIR , featuring Kim Willecke from Kult, Laura Forman and Zack Zublena.
I will post the film on thrusday 5th.