Thursday, January 5, 2012


"It is a wonderful experience to work with a team that understands your vision, and this film is very special to me.
I was inspired by the early physique photography and the Italian cinema in black and white. I wanted to create many layers with the ambiguity of the characters, the dance scenes, the subtle gestures of the actors,
The music is a very important element in my work. For this film, I mixed barroque music from XVIII century in contraposition with a modern mix of a 60s song, both songs talk about the same theme : The Lost love ".

Film by Bell Soto
Starring : Kim Willecke, Laura Forman, Zack Zublena
Editors : Bell Soto + Simon Schwarz
Stylist : Alejandra Hernandez
Music by Leonardo Glovibes
Un Anno D'Amore ( Alberto Testa, Mina )
Remixed by :
Simone Vitullo , Sebastian Mauro , Leonardo Glovibes
performed by Lady Vale

Music : George Fredrick Handel : "E Vivo ancora?....Scherza, Infida" Arionte.
Make up : Pavy Olivarez
Hair : Riad Azar
Casting Director : Robert Cunard
Consulting : Riad Azar
Special thanks to Moritz at KULT
Produced by No-Name Producctions


mimu66 said...

Great,love this video...I'm post in my Facebook Worl without your permission...???? Tks

KJ Heath said...

This is just stunning Bell. Your work always leaves me inspired!