Friday, October 14, 2011

LARGO . film featuring Dior Homme + Burberry Prorsum

Here is a film I shot for Fiasco magazine.
The models Lukas and Jais were amazing for this project. They are not dancers but they were so cool to portrait this abstract story. I have always been inspired by models whose talent is to portrait characters and evoque emotion.
This film is not about love, it is about human vulnerability. The music is from the Four seasons of Antonio Vivaldi.

Film by Bell Soto
Stylist : Alejandra and Dani
Models : Jais and Lukas @ photogenics
Music Antonio Vivaldi
Clothing Dior Homme + Burberry Prorsum
Grooming :Karoliina Kangas @ Opus Beauty
Camera Assistant : Mauricio Torres
Special thanks to Zaira Zavala, Mario Toriz, Zoe and Paula.

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Chemokiki said...

Slid into your BLOG while surf was up. Checked out a few of your films. This was far and away my favorite. Lyrical and wonderfully directed/choreographed.
Now I am going to watch more.
Thank you for this fine entertainment.